David Mullett’s Guide To York

I love giving directions, even, or maybe especially if I don’t know where I am. It’s YEARS since I went out in York, but here’s my best stab at guide to York for someone who likes red wine and red meat.

It begins with a drink in Mason’s and then takes you up the Shambles. ¬†After getting a picture of the Minster, you might head down Stonegate and pop up the stairs into The House of Trembling Madness for a quick one. By now, you can head over to the Whippet Inn, which is the allegedly a very good place to get a steak ( I’ve never been ). Then, it’s a bit of SCHLEP home, I can’t think of anywhere interesting for a nightcap….

Actually, looking at that line, I’d maybe walk along the river to the White Swan? is it and have a pint… it’s a proper pub. And then head down to the Blue Bridge ( which leads to the back door of the Novotel) rather than swim¬†over the river.

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