How To Create A Successful Blog …

…as if I have the foggiest!

At the ThinkVisibility conference, Karyn Fleeting’s ( Tinderbox Media ) gave a talk on business blogging where she outlined lots of handy tips for making corporate blogs a success. Most corporate blogs are, well, a bit dry to say the least which given the hype blogging has had, and giving the money corporates have – does make you wonder why they’ve made such a clearly poor fist of blogging. Even the CEO of a Timber company’s blog was a bit wooden.

And then I noticed something. Many of the speakers, at some point in their presentation said something along the lines of “So you all read <insert microfamous blog name here>, right?” … and everyone went “er, no, never heard of it“.

What was surprising is that this was a group of people with roughly similar interests and we didn’t share common blogs that we read. We are all reading and enjoying very different collections of “experts” and all assuming that everyone else reads them too.

impossible_questAnd so I started to wonder, which blogs are successful, which blogs do we all read (be they corporate blogs or not) and remember.

I think that the best blogs are ones that, like a film, or like an elevator pitch for a film, tells a story or at least starts a story, or even better an Impossible Quest. A memorable blog has built into its concept a trajectory – it’s going somewhere!

And so that blog where someone traded a pen for a house, or that one where someone is recovering from cancer or a plane crash or that blog where someone bought a ramshackle house and did it up taking pictures along the way, or that one where a girl (I’ve met) has made a list of 101 things to do and is doing them or those ones where someone logs their journey across wherever…

Which made me think. Good blogs are journeys, whether they reach or even intend to reach their destination or not. And, because they are a story, the idea or concept of them is easily meme-able, both being easy to remember and easy to pass on.

Blogs that are “another day in the <insert any industry here>” typically will only appeal to someone in that industry… if you are a talented writer and lucky! These are the soap opera or reality TV of blogs, offering no guarantees or promises about what you are going to get. My own blog has been one of these, essentially a random collection of stuff that is interesting to me from programming to toilet design. If my blog was a film I’d walk out ten minutes in and ask for my money back.

And so, it may not be rocket or even domestic science, but if you want to have a successful blog, maybe think about what your elevator pitch for your blog would be to Ridley Scott. I don’t think, “some rants about stuff I saw” cuts it anymore, or ever did… I never knew.

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