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Processing is a coding environment with which you can easily create things like this. 

Pasted Graphic.tiff

I found it difficult to learn when I first was shown it by the amazing Jer Thorp, but that was partly because I simply couldn't accept that a typed language was worth the effort having been so deeply steeped in Python. 

For those that don't know, a typed programming language is one where you have to define what type a variable you are planning to use is going to be. It just feels, to me, to be more prescriptive (it is) and pedantic.

But often, the measure of a language sometimes is not the language itself, but what people make with it. And Jer made things like Cascade. And I found, that once I'd got over my petty geeky prejudice, that if I'm honest, the typed aspect of Processing actually saves me from writing bad code, and with Processing I am more productive, more quickly than with other tools.