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1 of 3. Social Media slides from Tom Smith

Thanks for all the lovely, well, comments about my presentation at ThinkVisibility. Mental?! And I never knew that I never finish sentences… I really don’t…

This video is a sketchy look at some of social media projects I’ve been working on, with a peep at the tool I’ve created to help us with our social media efforts called The Engagement Engine.

1 of 3. Social Media slides from Tom Smith at Think Visibility

A Free Tool for Reputation Management and Finding Potential Customers with Social Media

In the olden days, circa 2004, it was often enough to create a great site that was SEO’d up to the hilt and to advertise with Google Adwords. All you then had to was sit back and wait for the customers to roll in.

For many companies nowadays you have to slightly more proactive in finding customers, especially the customers who don’t know that you exist and don’t know that you have the answer to the problem that they find it hard to even express. You can’t expect to be seen as a listening company if you expect customers to find you before they get their questions answered. You have to go looking for them.

I’ve created a quick hack that simply takes your chosen keywords and builds search subscriptions to a whole heap of discussion-oriented search sites ( twitter search, backtype, board tracker, yahoo answers etc ).

Once you’ve entered your keywords, it then gives you an OPML file (don’t worry what it means, you’ll find out soon enough) that you can import into Google Reader (or any other RSS aggregator of your choice such as Bloglines or NetNewsWire) and see lots of up-to-the-minute discussions and blog posts about the things that matter to you and your business.

Of course, you will need to prune or add extra sources and keywords to your subscription list but the tool provides a great starting point for finding customers with problems you can solve – wherever they may be.

Finding Customers with OPML Maker…

Reputation Management, Compellaboration and Shredded Wheat

shredded image

I’ve had a good few days. I had a meeting with a both a PR and Digital Production company about how best to productize my Engagement Engine work. That’s the reputation management tools I’ve been working on where you can find the best places to engage with your customers. And by best I mean the blogs with the most influence and the forums with the most readers etc. For me, the really interesting part of all this work is how research/analysis tools become the seeds for future content creation, or at very least the starting point for strategy brainstorms.

I also had a call last night from the states from someone developing very similar software but with more emphasis on the semantic meaning of the discussions, are they negagtive/positive etc. We agreed to compellaborate (compete and share) in the future. We’re both using python and both could benefit from each others’ work, so here’s hoping for a successful compellaboration (if I say stupid made-up words enough times then one day I’ll start a meme surely?).

During the meeting yesterday I said that I don’t really know exactly why I still blog, that I tend to use it for random moaning. And to prove how random my moans can be…

For the last few days, having not liked or really eaten cereal for 20 years I’ve had a yearning for something with fibre on a morning. Take a look at the back of my Shredded Wheat packet. I did for a while… and started to notice the lies

  • There are no trails behind them of flattened wheat… where exactly did they run from (smiling)?
  • The wheat seems too low to me, I mean, ripe wheat comes at least up to just above your knees
  • It’s bloody difficult to run in wheat, perhaps they’re bounding tigger-style
  • It would probably be quite unpleasant from a dust perspective (it’d ruin the poor girls white trousers)
  • Given that they should be squashing lots of wheat, where’s the farmer ushering them off his land with a shotgun?
  • When I really looked, that wheat seems to also have ears of barley in there (the grain with the long fluffy spikey bits)
  • Isn’t that Kylie on the left?

To realise that a cereal packet, even if it is whole wheat isn’t telling the whole truth is no big surprise but I am slightly concerned about easily I swallowed the lies. Aside from all the confusing percentage of recommended daily requirements figures and carbohydrate/fat/sodium grams per 45g serving it  took a few moments with my mind drifting to get that “hang on a minute” feeling, the one where you see through all the lies and bullshit.

I wonder what other deliberately obfuscated lies/untruths/statistics I’m not spotting? Lies like this can be hard to spot because you want to believe that somewhere in the world, families could be as plainly ( 100% wheat ) happy and carefree and wheat-boundingly healthy as that. The picture would be more believable if a few teenage step-kids were lagging behind just over the horizon sulking on their ipods listening to music that Dad thinks is a complete rip off of Joy Division.

Well, that’s enough rural-breakfast-oriented randomness for today. It’s time for a shopping trip because I see that Cadbury’s, despite the undeniable truth of the economic downturn have launched the Credit Crunchie Bar (which is exactly like a regular Crunchie Bar except that the Cadbury big-wigs were give billions of pounds in bonuses to make it 60% smaller).