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Google, Spam Blogs and Originality

Dear Google,

you can improve the quality of the web for all of us by killing spam blogs. It’s quite easy to do, just search for … “wrote an interesting post today on” and “Here€™s a quick excerpt“.

Here’s almost a million pages you can take out of your database right now..  using Google,

thank you,


p.s On of the things that really astonishes me about dullards who make spam blogs, is how little imagination they show. If I was creating spam blogs I’d at least mix up the words a bit to “let’s rip with a great post“… or “has written an iteresting article over here” or whatever. I’d at least use different a WordPress theme to Kubrick.

I imagine that with even the smallest amount of thinking that went “what are the characteristics of an unoriginal spam blog” would remove at least 10% of the web in a single stroke… (And 10% of Google’s income from Adsense but they don’t need the money do they?).

Because I’ve tagged my post with the iPhone tag, ironically, this post will automatically appear on blog spam sites like BestiPhone2U.info (an iPhone blog spam site)… which uses the Kubrick WordPress theme. You know, killing ALL sites that use the default options for WordPress wouldn’t be a bad idea… if you use Kubrick, you’re dead in the water imaginitively anyway.

Setting the creative bar a little higher would also force spam-bloggers to be more imaginitive, which in itself is a good thing, they need the mental exercise. Whilst being spammy yet creative they might also realise the errors of their ways and do something genuinely creative instead, like solving textual input problems on the iPhone, for example.

You never know.

How to tell if an SEO company risks getting you blacklisted by Google

It’s easier than it sounds…

  1. Ask for a list of clients. Most dodgy SEO companies will want to keep exactly who their clients are quiet because it’s ridiculously easy to work out what their SEO strategy is. Many use Link Farms which makes it more than easy for your competitors to report your efforts as spam and get you dumped from Google.
  2. Simply ask them how much they will recompense you if and when you get blacklisted by Google. If they aren’t doing lots of naughty things this won’t bother them, if they are you can enjoy watching them squirm as they realize you are onto them.

My next article may well be titled, How To Discover If Your Competitors Are Using SEO Companies That Use Link Farms And Get Them Blacklisted By Google.

The ethics of telling tales may still have a certain stigma attached to it, but … THEY STARTED IT!….

All’s fair in love, war and SEO.