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More Timelines

On their stand at BETT I was initially impressed with Geanium’s Timeline Tool, now I’m not so sure.

Maybe is was their weird introduction of what an event is. The do seem to labour the point. Maybe it was their massive screen and subdued colour scheme that caught my eye. And then I always am a complete sucker for anything timeline-y, it’s a pet love of mine…. time.

Going back to their site I found their interface a little clunky, wishing that time would pass quicker between events…yawn. Wishing I could drag the time bar and being underwhelmed by the multimedia. Compare their Roman Empire demo with the Dipity version.

What Geanium may have worth talking about it the idea that, because all events are geolocated it would be easy to mix all events on the same map.

History of Mongol Empire Timeline

A site for making timelines such as the History of Mongol Empire Timeline. Damn, I’d started creating one of these in the Google App Engine but haven’t received a full pass yet.

I think time as well as zooming are two of the richest un-tapped seams in interaction. Many have tinkered on the edges but always fluffed it. I quite like the zoom and pan interface over at Disruptive Research, but again, I feel they haven’t yet quite hit the nail on the head with regards to what zooming and panning affords.

One day, when the wind is in the right direction I will get a bite at the zoom and pan cherry. Lately I’ve been dabbling in Flex development, but don’t feel quite yet skilled enough to start throwing things around the screen….