The Sun’s “This is our England” cover

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 20.42.35 I wouldn’t buy the Sun if you paid me.

When they posted a free version of this through my letter box I wondered who all the people actually were. At first glance, it seemed clear that the Sun’s England was mainly male, white and long in the tooth. Which is exactly how I imagine they’d like it to be.  It’s how they are.

Of the people shown on the cover, the Sun’s England is 24% female. They like it that way.

So I searched for “johnny rotten delia smith ed miliband” and found nothing. I couldn’t believe it, that no one, that the Sun themselves hadn’t done a key telling you exactly who everyone one was. I’m hopeless at recognising celebs, I don’t really watch soaps, ITV or channel 5.

I started a spreadsheet and tried to name them all… I got more than I thought I would and in the process realised that maybe if other data was added, like income or political affiliation, that the Sun’s pathetic attempt to curry favour would be easily perverted for fun and profit.

If you can help me fill in the names, or add any useful data, please do. Add it to this spreadsheet here.

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