Fake News Kaleidoscope
Ask Italian, Assembly Rooms, York
A sideways look at truth, myths and alternative realities. The news headlines of the day are to be transformed into a typographical kaleidoscope, to encourage us to question the news we receive and what society considers worth reading.
In October 2018 I was commissioned to create the Fake News Kaleidoscope installation. It is software that takes the BBCs news headlines, turns them into word clouds and then using openGL shaders, turns them into psychedelic kaleidoscopes. 
When the Fake News Kaleidoscope detects itself to be "getting boring", or generating too many black pixels, it grabs more news, nonsensifies and pastes "breaking" news back into itself. The visuals get more complex and new news is visually layered into the existing animation.

The soundtrack is generated entirely from Donald Trump's recent speeches. I was struck how, with minimal shaping his bilious rhetoric could be persuaded into something melancholic and thoughtful, nice even.